Q. My inventory is wrong!

No worries! We give you our humblest apologies on the matter. If you notice a discrepancy with your inventory please note the group on DA and we will respond swiftly!

Q. i traded something! Where do i go?

Please go leave a comment on this journal and make sure to let us know whom you are trading to! When you get a reply, your inventory should be up to date and ready to go!

if you have any other questions

feel free to note us on deviantart!

It’s been said that those fortunate enough to get their paws on this are granted a great wish when they give it a ring.

Transforms one (1) sushi dog into one (1) sushi cat.



Ever wish you could change just one thing about your look?  Well with this handy-dandy potion, you can!

Transforms one (1) standard trait into any one (1) gourmet trait.

enchanted bell



A capsule prize dropped from the mysterious sooshapon machine. I wonder what's inside?

Allows the owner to create (1) sushi dog with all standard traits



Uh oh, looks like a bag of Sooshapon Tokens fell off a truck.

Seems legit. Are you going to try your luck with them?


Can be used (1) time in the sooshapon machine, even when it's empty!

sushi dogs (c) chital

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